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Walnut table / Antonio Murado

Walnut table and silver. 95 x 280 x 74cm. Collaboration with Frank Buschmann


Walnut table and silver. 95 x 280 x 74cm
Collaboration with Frank Buschmann

Inspired by Finn Juhl’s Judes (1948) table, so named after his friends because the hinges of its surface, hidden by circles, added up to 30, I designed this boat-shaped table with legs that suggest movement and travel, symbolizing the experience of life.

The 30 silver discs embedded in the surface of the cover were thrown randomly on the surface of the table, reproducing the gesture of impulsive disdain.

The tradition of giving thanks for the bread, for the food, implies the admission of a previous sacrifice, here represented by the 30 silver coins.

This piece was exhibited at Apartment, the third individual exhibition of Antonio Murado at Vilaseco, in which he transforms the gallery into an apartment.

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