Vilaseco Editions

Álvaro Negro, Antonio Murado, Carla Souto, Gloria García Lorca, Irma Álvarez-Laviada,Manuel Vilariño, Regina Giménez and Rodríguez-Méndez.

17 MAR – 21 APRIL 2023

Art books were a decisive medium of creation in Art History, constituting a fundamental value to spread the work of artists and to undoubtedly give access to content or ideas that complement the expression of their work. That is why at Vilaseco Gallery we promote the edition of publications, artist’s books and other formats that provide other ways of accompanying the artists we work with by the union of text, image and form. We also aim to delve into the importance of valuing multiple editions as a plastic discourse in favour of a more accessible way of collecting and an eagerness to open dialogues around the work of different creators who are not necessarily contemporaneous or share similar discourses.

Vilaseco Editions is a collective show featuring editions and publications of Álvaro Negro, Antonio Murado, Carla Souto, Gloria García Lorca, Irma Álvarez-Laviada, Manuel Vilariño, Regina Giménez and Rodríguez-Méndez.

At the exhibition we can find the latest editions and publications presented at ArtsLibris ARCOmadrid 2023, as well as a selection of the gallery’s collection. Therefore, we can find a clay piece by Gloria García Lorca; a silkscreen and a carpet by Regina Giménez; an edition of an earring by Carla Souto; watercolours and an artist’s book by Álvaro Negro published after the exhibition Traza; a photography by Manuel Vilariño; an artist’s book by Antonio Murado; some prints by Rodríguez-Méndez and a sculpture made of MDF and chipboard plates by Irma Álvarez-Laviada.