Regina Giménez

Barcelona, 1966

The work of Regina Giménez falls squarely within the field of abstraction, a seemingly irrefutable fact, as her aesthetic curiosity clearly resides with the exploration of geometry and color. We tend to associate abstraction with illegibility: an opaque space that produces a distance we must overcome by exercising our senses and intellect. However, a sense of empathy and affect looms large in her work, and over the years has become one of her clearest hallmarks.

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Available work


Oh Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me! / 2021

There are three factors for classifying stars: spectral class, color, and absolute magnitude. Regina Giménez presents, at the Vilaseco gallery, the project “Oh Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me!” Inspired by the spectral classification of the astronomer Annie Jump Cannon who focused on color, analyzing the light emitted by the stars and how it breaks down into colors.

L’architecture d’aujourd’hui / 2018

Based on classic French architecture magazine L’architecture d’aujourd’huiRegina Giménez has developed a working method that interrogates advertising elements, modifying them so as to totally alter their meaning. Through an exercise of abstraction, she reveals their graphic composition and offers an alternative reading of historical advertisements for what in that period were still innovative new building materials.

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