Oh Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me!

Regina Giménez.  16 September – 19 November 2021

There are three factors for classifying stars: spectral class, color, and absolute magnitude. Regina Giménez presents, at the Vilaseco gallery, the project “Oh Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me!” Inspired by the spectral classification of the astronomer Annie Jump Cannon who focused on color, analyzing the light emitted by the stars and how it breaks down into colors.

Cannon ordered the stars from highest to lowest intensity, from hottest to coldest and according to a color scale, from blue to red, through a sequence of capital letters: OBAFGKM. Later, astronomer Henry Noris Russell created the following mnemonic to assist to remembering the stellar spectral classification scheme. This classification is also known as the Harvard spectral classification.

The exhibition features a series of works on canvas and paper, where graphics, color and the shapes of the stars are the protagonists. Eight works on paper are also included, as a result of the artist’s invitation to several people from the Galician cultural sector to play with the mnemonic rule OBAFGKM! in Galician language, thus contextualizing the exhibition in Galicia.

On the same day of the opening, a talk was held in the gallery to present Regina Giménez’s book, “Iremos al sol” designed by Desescribing and co-published by Fabulatorio and the Patio Herreriano, Museum of Contemporary Spanish Art in Valladolid.

The designers and publishers of the book, Cibrán Rico López and Suso Vázquez Gómez, spoke with the artist about the design, layout and final artwork of this publication, which includes texts by curator Javier Hontoria.