Salvador and Juan Cidrás

Since 2015, artist duo Salvador Cidrás (Moaña, 1965) and Juan Cidrás (Vigo, 1968) have explored ceramics and textiles through sculpture and painting, respectively. “Our work centers on the form and concept of ‘the aberrant,’ that which deviates from what is considered normal, natural or correct, in opposition to convention or formality. Our pieces have the ability to establish relationships between one another and to change, whether through shape, color or their installation in a given space.”

Their ceramic pieces explore the precarious nature of the handmade, which takes unexpected turns in the kiln. It is this very transformative nature that enriches the creative process with nuance.

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Available works


Esgazados / 2018

Esgazados (“Torn”) employs sculpture to explore the limits of ceramics and textiles, focusing on the shapes and textures of the landscape and architecture of the artists’ immediate surroundings.