Flotabilidad neutra / Lois Patiño

September 2019

In scuba diving, the term “neutral buoyancy” is the point of equilibrium at which a submerged object neither floats upward to the surface nor sinks downward, but remains suspended, in total sync with the movement of the surrounding mass of water.

This introspective and transcendent aspect, which is connected to the oceanic feeling analyzed by Freud, is what I hope to reflect in pieces such as the video Sol rojo (“Red Sun”), or the sound piece Flotabilidad neutra.

In the small audiovisual sculpture Cuerpo de mar (“Sea body”), I have tried to condense inside a block of water the fascination of contemplating the underwater universe: the play of the light, the animals that inhabit it… 

Also presented as a small audiovisual installation, the photographic series Mar insomne (“Sleepless sea”) tries to capture a fleeting hybrid state, when it is unclear whether we are viewing the sea at night or a dream sequence.

The series Sombra metálica en el sueño (“Metal shadow in dreams”) seeks to reflect a sleepy, nighttime state amid a landscape: woken up in the middle of the night, we try to get back to sleep, cradled on a vision of the sea in the night. 

SOL ROJO, Lois Patiño

2018 / HD / 2:30min
Sound in collaboration with Diego Behncke
Images recorded in Baja California Sur (Mexico)