El desencanto / Teo Soriano

1 December 2020 – 26 February 2021

Based on a selection of the artist’s work from 1990 on, fellow artist Carlos Maciá has helped forge a path through Soriano’s practice, bringing to fruition an idea the artist initially proposed back in 2016, before a tragic accident left him unable to continue painting. El desencanto (“Disenchantment”) contains a total of 10 works, one of which is a polyptych made up of 20 smaller 20 x 20 cm works on paper.

El desencanto.

The exhibition follows Teo Soriano’s wish to put together a show at Vilaseco based around his works on paper, which he began discussing with the gallery’s director, Miriam, several years ago. That exhibition, cut short by the artist’s accident, has now become a reality. The driving force behind the initiative was the relentless determination of the artist’s father, Teodoro, to ensure that his son’s work would not fall into oblivion. Of course it hardly could, given all of his friends, many of them artists themselves, for whom his work continues to be a fundamental point of reference.