Declaração governada

Published by:
IKREK Edições
29,7 x 21 cm

This artist’s book consists of 3 series of 15 drawings each. 15 of these drawings were made on 25 line blue paper, (a paper that was used for official requirements) – titled “Governed Statement / Governed Statement”, another 15 drawings were done on graph paper – titled “Verified Statement / Verified Statement “” and the last 15 drawings were made on plain paper, titled “Simple Declaration”.

In the book, with soft cover binding, the 45 black and white drawings are printed, arranged at random. The drawings are documented on the front and back, that is, the book allows you to review the back of the drawings that the exhibition prevents since, when you choose to show one side, the other is necessarily hidden.

The cover of the book is composed of 45 words, 15 words have a very close relationship with doing and with the processes that I used in the execution of the drawings, another 15 are related to what I can call conceptual principles, and the last 15 are Synonym words to which the prefix “re” has been added that evokes a second movement or look.

The edition consists of 45 books, plus 15 special tests that contain an original drawing.