Galería Vilaseco has launched a new exhibition series, CONVIDADOS, as a further step in its commitment to contemporary art-making by inviting independent curators to develop exhibition proposals that provide a platform for new artists.

With this series, to be held annually, Vilaseco intends to host and provide a space in Galicia for artists approaching contemporary art from different spheres and contexts, thereby reaching a broader and more diverse public through new perspectives brought in by independent curators. This approach allows the gallery and the curators to engage in a transversal collaboration, advancing through the transformations facing the 21st-century art world.

This program fits perfectly within the list of contemporary arts-based multidisciplinary projects that Vilaseco Creative Workshop has been developing since 2014.


Romantic Bullets Position Effectively is the second proposal within the series Convidadas, curated by Sonia Fernández Paz.

Artistas: Alex Reynolds, Cristina Spinelli, Nora Aurrekoetxea and Ran Zhang.

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O pronunciamento is the first show in the CONVIDADOS (“Guests”) series, with Ángel Calvo Ulloa as guest curator.

Artists: Carla Souto, Carme Nogueira, Diego Santomé, Jorge Varela, Mar Ramón & Rodríguez-Méndez.

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