A project of the City Council of Lugo, with the art technical advice of Laboratorio Creativo.

The First Annual “Connexio, spaces for reflection” Awards

The summer of 2020, the City Council of Lugo held the First Annual “Connexio, spaces for reflection” Awards, to promote Lugo’s architectural heritage and  the Camino Primitivo de Santiago passing through greater Lugo. The Council hopes to breathe life into the arts, business and the tourism industry, and to forge connections between cultural agents, residents, and pilgrims, inviting all of them to become active participants in the project.

The aim of the awards was to select six art projects for six churches located along the Camino Primitivo (Camino de Santiago), as it passes through various parishes within the Municipality of Lugo.

Vilaseco Lab advises and coordinates the technical-artistic part of these awards in their first call.