Vilaseco Editions

ArtsLibris ARCOmadrid 2023

Pavilion 7 – Stand C31

This year we will be at ARCOmadrid 2023 from February 22 to 29 in the ArtsLibris section, focused on artist’s book and self-publishing, where we will present new publications and editions by Gloria García Lorca, Álvaro Negro and Carla Souto.

Editions and publications by Irma-Álvarez Laviada, Antonio Murado, Nuno Sousa Vieira, Regina Giménez, Rodríguez-Méndez and Oriol Aribau can also be found at our stand.

Title: white zig, white zag

Year: 2023

Technique: enameled refractory clay. Canson paper 250g

Limited edition of 8 pieces

Variable measures

Title: Traza

Texts: María de la Vega

Translation: Nicholas Callaway

Desing: Álvaro Negro, Alfredo Olmedo, Pablo Ibáñez

Photography: Aurática Fotografía de Arte, Álvaro Negro, Jorge Martín Muñoz

Printer: Alva Gráfica

Paper: Pergraphica Rough 120g/m2

Tipography: Miniom Pro and Trajan Pro

Binding: manchea

ISBN: 978-84-09-46897-3

Artist’s Bok launched as a continuation of Trazathe very first solo exhibition of Álvaro Negro at Vilaseco. The first 120 copies are part of a special edition that includes a watercolor by the artist.

The ordinary edition was quarter bound with Gematex fabric, recycled cardboard covers on gray stone, caliber: 1,5mm, and dry embossed with one ink using a magnesium die on a Minerva Maruja.

The special edition was Bradel bound, with hard cover on Gematex fabric and hot stamped with matte gold.

Title: El iris silvestre

Year: 2021

Technique: oxidized bronze and silver

Booklet: “De formas e de flores. Conversa entre Carla Souto e Luz Pichel”

Limited edition of 12 pieces

Measures: 90 x 35 x 30mm

Irma Álvarez-Laviada

Title: Untitled

Year: 2021

Technique: MDF and agglomerated board.

Measures: 13 x 13x 13

The piece presented here appropriates the aesthetics of standardized material samples, like MDF, commonly used by companies and manufacturers in the distribution and marketing of this type of industrial products.

A small base/pedestal is built by superimposing different MDF and chipboard plates­ that, beyond asserting itself in its condition of supporting an object or physical element, puts the point of attention precisely on the opposite idea: in the absence of the object, launching us into a descriptive version of its own materiality and absence as a possible narrative, thus accentuating the idea of support. The choice of MDF responds to an interest in its markedly constructive character; it is a material typical of the field of architecture destined to assume layers, making a use of it that ends up canceling its material characteristics. In this piece the material is shown, showing it raw, without intervening, through a formalization that tries to respect some physical properties that reveal its industrial origin.

Title: Antonio Murado. Artist’s Book

Year: 2021

Measures: 94 x 30 cm

Text: María de la Vega

Art Direction: Antonio Murado, Miriam Pérez, Carolina Núñez

Photography: Antonio Murado, Pascal Perich, Peter Gabriel, Laura Tabarés y Pablo Mella.

Paper: Symbol Tatami White 135g/m2

Printer: Alva Gráfica

Binding: Legatoria Artes Gráficas

ISBN: 978-84-09-34875-6

With this publication, Antonio Murado adopts the book as a creative tool, as an art object with which he breaks the rules of editorial design, playing openly with paper and images, the vast majority of which are photographs taken by the artist himself taught by the spaces where he paints and works, like his studio in New Jersey or his cabin in the Catskill Mountain, northwest of New York.

A book of which an edition of 1500 copies has been made and which has a special edition of 150, bound by hand with a canvas painted by the painter.

Title: (A)prender (de)cor quem amamos

Year: 2017

Technique: Acrylic and adhesive tape on paper hard covered with fabric

Edition of 3

Measures: 27,5 x 14,3 x 1 cm


Title: Flipbook

Year: 2021

Measures: 175 x 107 mm

Printed on gloss coated paper 120gr

Printer: Alva Gráfica

This flipbook includes the performance Janela para sentir saudade. Vértex that Nuno Sousa was to perform at the opening of the exhibition Não Me Lembro Da Primeira Vez Que Olhei Para o Céu (I Can’t Remember the First Time I Looked to the Sky) but couldn’t be carried out due to the pandemic. This book is also characterized by the peculiarity that its layout and bind were made to be handle by left-handed persons, like his author.


Title: Declaração governada, declaração verificada, declaração simples

Year: 2018

Published by Irek Edições

ISBN: 9788567769165

Measures: 29,7 x 21 cm

This artist’s book consists of 3 series of 15 drawings each. 15 of these drawings were made on 25 line blue paper, (a paper that was used for official requirements) – titled “Governed Statement / Governed Statement”, another 15 drawings were done on graph paper – titled “Verified Statement / Verified Statement “” and the last 15 drawings were made on plain paper, titled “Simple Declaration”.

In the book, with soft cover binding, the 45 black and white drawings are printed, arranged at random. The drawings are documented on the front and back, that is, the book allows you to review the back of the drawings that the exhibition prevents since, when you choose to show one side, the other is necessarily hidden.

The cover of the book is composed of 45 words, 15 words have a very close relationship with doing and with the processes that I used in the execution of the drawings, another 15 are related to what I can call conceptual principles, and the last 15 are Synonym words to which the prefix “re” has been added that evokes a second movement or look.

Title: Iremos al sol

Year: 2020

Technique: Silkscreen. 7 inks

Paper: Somerset Antique 280 g

Limited Edition 25 + 2 PA + 2 HC

Measures: 100 x 70 cm

Orignal silkscreen printed in La Palmera art studio, Barcelona. Every copy is numbered and signed by the artist; the molds, made by the artist herself, have been destroyed after printing.


Title: Iremos al sol

Year: 2021

Mixed technique on cardboard

Measures: 30 x 23 cm


Title: Proposición. Pe

Glicée printing of pigmented inks on Photo Rag Ultra Smooth paper 305gr 100%

Format: 50 x 70 cm

Year. Action: 2013. Printing: 2021

147 photographs of each one of the seeds bitten during the action carried out by a geometer invited to Permear Proposal II exhibition, within the project Diálogos improbables curated by Ángel Calvo Ulloa.

In the inner room of the gallery, the geometer, stretched out on the floor, introduces seeds into his mouth, one by one, which he bites and slightly damages to later spit them towards the ceiling. The seeds on the ground progressively amplify the volume of the body and at the same time annul the surrounding space  where the public are inscribed and find the dimensions of the geometer.

Title: About the abscence

Paper: Cyclus offset 140 gr

Printer: Alva Gráfica

Measures: 105 x 148 mm


Oriol Aribau’s book, designed and published by Vilaseco Publications, with images and texts by Oriol Aribau.