Antonio Murado

Artist’s Book
María de la Vega
Art Direction:
Antonio Murado
Miriam Pérez
Carolina Núñez
Photography :
Antonio Murado, Pascal Perich,
Peter Gabriel, Laura Tabarés
y Pablo Mella.
Alva Gráfica

Printed on Symbol Tatami White 135g/m2 paper Typeset in Minion Pro

Legatoria Artes Gráficas
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Coinciding with the Lienzo exhibition at the gallery, in November 2021, an artist’s book by Antonio Murado is presented. A singular and careful publication edited and published by Vilaseco, with a text by María de la Vega.

The text of the book is the result of conversations between the historian and the artist on various occasions after her visit to her studio in New Jersey in 2017.

“These brief reflections on the work of Antonio Murado are part of a book teeming with visual metaphor. The metaphor of a reader who is not content with the images he sees, and tears out pages to find among the remaining ones impossible associations, hidden by the layout of the pages. The metaphor of an old book in which the white of the paper already has a certain patina, or a gutted book laying bare images that come into contact with one another without rhyme or reason”. Maria de la Vega

With this publication, Antonio Murado adopts the book as a creative tool, as an art object with which he breaks the rules of editorial design, playing openly with paper and images, the vast majority of which are photographs taken by the artist himself taught by the spaces where he paints and works, like his studio in New Jersey or his cabin in the Catskill Mountain, northwest of New York.

A book of which an edition of 1500 copies has been made and which has a special edition of 150, bound by hand with a canvas painted by the painter.