Álvaro Negro

Lalín, 1973

Álvaro Negro is an artist who has been analysing the pictorial genre without losing sight of the historical issues that, by similarity or contrast, are relevant to his contemporary status. Thus, in his works we can find references to light in Renaissance painting and to an awareness of colour as regards its historical connotations, a formal display that goes beyond the composition—in photography or video—, as well as a constant concern for the modulation of space and architecture. His images are rooted in the temporal space issue, and even though they are often abstract, they establish a connection with everyday experiences. His field of action also extends to writing, with essays and texts on other artists, and to curating.

Represented in collaboration with F2 Galería.

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Traza / 2022

Traza is the very first solo exhibition by Álvaro Negro at Vilaseco Gallery. For this show eleven unseen pieces have been selected, all of them painted over the last few months in the artist’s studio in Agolada (Pontevedra) and in the same style of work as the painting project undertaken in Rome, after his stay in the Royal Academy of Spain.