About the absence / Oriol Aribau

21st september – 16th november 2018

Oriol Aribau’s work is mainly developed through sculptures and works on paper and has architecture and urban planning as its main source. His material, his main working tool is the city, the highly accessible built space, with which the artist interacts on a daily basis.

The works presented in About the absence arise from this experience of Aribau in relation to this immediate physical environment. Drawings that result from records and notes on his wonderings through the urban space. Through a geometry of polygonal figures, sometimes grouped in small islands, other times scattered -as weightless in an almost empty space- Aribau presents a fragmented vision of the city. Something as brief as his immediate perception inside a train station in a city he has not even travveled through, or a more detailed landscape resulting from an experience, a longer displacement. Or maybe justa n evanescent trace of himself as a pure passerby en route. Drawings that seek to actívate a reding of the movement and of the being in the space, in a time. They can be read as notes, maps, plans, incomplete diagrams or as details, but perhaps what they are is mainly a synthetic representation of existing spaces that become imaginary spaces. Just a segment of something greater that is barely glimpsed and that is yet to be discovered.

Publication / About the abscence

Edited by: Publicaciones Vilaseco Images and texts: Oriol Aribau

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