A Silent Spring


14 DEC 2023 – 10 MAR 2024

A Silent Spring presents a body of work, understood as a small garden made up of everyday objects that can be carried and get dressed, a landscape of movement that takes the stage in an urban contour and that is related to the body, adapting to it. It is made up of a series of sculptures that can be dressed, objects of everyday use, and wall pieces made in different ways that create a relationship with the object beyond reason or functionality through the personal and emotional part, the resilience of nature, the limits of the natural and domestic, the imagination of flowers and plants in our routines.

A landscape created through a cultivated garden explores how non-metal three-dimensional can embrace emotion and an intention of permanence. In this way, it is important to evaluate the value of the time in the project. The sculptures’ reminiscent of natural forms are displayed in a certain state of permanence. This causes, through the material, the determination of the organic. In other words: plants, flowers, or leaves postpone their seduction by destiny, causing the need for remembrance.

The need for memory and continuity in time and remembrance of the human being is shown in this project through a dialogue with living matter. As metal changes over time, it takes on a unique appearance, revealing its history and life, just as it does its own personal, gradual, and constant transformation.

The works featured in this exhibition talk about how time is a constant companion of our body, through the representation of organic forms, shapes, and movements. Carriable objects are activated with motion, accompanying us through our first gesture. Artworks that accompany us in our dreams and on our way, even if we walk, or not, in the right direction. A show which invites us to reflect and rest.

The exhibition is coming with a story written by Ana G. Chouciño, who introduces us to this unique walk through Carla Souto’s garden. Also, there is a QR code to download the Spotify playlist that Carla listened to when she was growing and growing the pieces for this exhibition.