Cristina Spinelli

Untitled, 2021

Polylactic acid (PLA)
5 elements:
ø 5,5 cm (ø 2 1/8 inches)
Variable dimensions

These pieces make an approach to the conflict between the natural and the artificial, to the idea of reproducibility and seriation and other industrial processes in relation to nature and its representation.Through the action of translating organic forms into synthetic materials —which in turn come from organic substances— the idea of material sincerity is reflected upon, evidencing the formal homogenization of industrial processes, in a sort of subverting their hegemonic utility.

Biography of Cristina Spinelli

Cristina Spinelli (Madrid, 1993) lives and works in Madrid. Her pieces act as reminiscences but also as notes; the conjugation of diverse materials investigates the representational power of these, in the phantasmagoria.

Her work has recently been shown at Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo, Madrid; Conde Duque, Madrid; Sala de Arte Joven, Madrid; Can Felipa Arts Visuals, Barcelona; Salón, Madrid; ETOPIA Centro de Arte y Tecnología, Zaragoza; Tabacalera Promoción del Arte, Madrid; Injuve, Sala Amadís, Madrid; Archipiélago, Antigua Embajada Británica, Madrid; Las Cigarreras. Cultura Contemporánea, Alicante; Medialab-prado, Madrid.