Alex Reynolds

Palais, 2020
34’33” | Colour | Stereo | DCP/HD
Edition of 5 + 1AP


Palais documents in first person a series of clandestine incursions into the enormous and ghostly Palace of Justice in Brussels. For just over half an hour, the camera makes us accomplices in an action that only stops at the risk of being discovered, revealing the ins and outs of the building in each shot.

An open and fortuitous tour through the galleries, abandoned corners, mezzanines and corridors that make up its infrastructure, from the imposing institutional architecture to the most vulgar offices. The subjective exploration of the endless and alienating material deployment of the bureaucracy.

Camera, Editing: Alex Reynolds
Color Editing: Lennert De Taye
Sound mixing: Laszlo Umbreit
Credits’ design: Will Holder

Biography Alex Reynolds

El trabajo de

The work of Alex Reynolds (Bilbao, 1978) explores our modes of relationship and affection through multiple registers and formats, focusing on moving image and performance, but also working with installation, text or photography. Reynolds’ practice, deeply affective while drawing on the legacy of experimental and conceptual cinema, generates reflections on intimacy, the gaze and communication, inviting the audience to actively question their role as spectators.

Alex Reynolds studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London) and Chelsea College of Art and Design (London). She was awarded grants by Akademie Schloss Solitude (2013), Fundación Botín (2016) and Fundación “la Caixa” (2020). She has been nominated for the ACCA Awards (2021) and received the Loop / Ars Santa Monica / XAV Videocreation Award (2021). She is currently a visiting professor at KASK Ghent and a member of the research group Social Acoustics/Communities in Movement.